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Horizon SPF-20A Booklet Maker with Horizon VAC-100a and VAC-100c Collators



The Horizon SPF-20A/VAC-100a/VAC-100c booklet making system is capable of collating, stitching and folding in one pass. It features fully automated set up with touch-button input on display and has the capability of memorizing frequent job settings. This means quicker turnaround time for your books and less manual collating time.
The Horizon SPF 20A Booklet Maker boast top production speeds, a heavy-duty design, semi-automatic control, and a higher profile for ease of set-up and operation. The Horizon SPF 20A is equipped with two heavy duty stitching heads for extra system reliability and efficiency, at speeds up to 3,200 booklets per hour.
The 20-station Horizon VAC-100's Collator features a patented rotary-pulse vacuum feed system, providing flawless feeding on virtually any stock, at speeds up to 10,000 sets per hour.
The Horizon VAC-100a and VAC-100c Collators are able to run the system in both directions at full rated speed. All system controls are centralized on the simple but powerful icon-based touch screen console.
The Horizon ST-20R stacker is for the right side only.

Features of the Horizon SPF 20A Booklet Maker:

  • Easy Operation: The Horizon SPF-20A features fully automated set up with the touch-button input on display. The interactive GUI guides you the necessary set up procedure and operation.
  • Multi Function: A precision-built multi-functional system capable of stitching and folding a wide variety of paper sizes ranging from 120 x 180 mm (7.1" x 4.7") to 350 x 500 mm (13.7" x 19.6"). The Horizon SPF-20A booklet maker is designed to handle four different job pattern, stitch and fold, side/top stitch, corner stitch and fold only with simple turn of the dial.
  • High Speed Operation: When combined with the VAC-100, the SPF-20A booklet making system is capable of producing more than 3,000 high-quality A3 / 11" x 17" size booklets per hour.
  • Memorize Frequent Job Settings: The Horizon SPF-20A can memorize up to 12 different jobs that are run frequently.
  • Option: LC-20 - Long Conveyor. The LC-20 is a long conveyor for quantity production. This conveyor gives you enough time for packing of the booklets.

Specifications Horizon SPF-20A Booklet Maker:

  • Model: SPF-20A
  • Serial Number: 018024
  • Sheet Size: Max: 350 x 500 mm (13.8" x 19.7"); Min: 120 x 180 mm (4.7" x 7.1")
  • Production Speed: 3,200 booklets/hr. (A3: VAC-100 20 sheets)
  • Stitching Thickness: Max: 4 mm (0.16") (only for side stitch)
  • Stitching & Folding: Max: 2 mm (0.08")
  • Thickness: 24 sheets of 60 gsm
  • Stitch Distance: 73 to 160 mm (2.9" to 6.3")
  • Stitching Wire: Standard: No. 25 (0.5 mm) (0.020")
  • Electrical: 220V / 50-60Hz / 3.7A

Specifications Horizon VAC-100 Collators:

  • Module Type: VAC-100a (Main Module) and VAC-100c (Rear Delivery Module)
  • Model: VAC-100a
  • Serial Number: 031011
  • Model: VAC-100c
  • Serial Number: 029514
  • Number of Bins: 10
  • Sheet Size: 148 x 148 mm to 350 x 500 mm (5.8" x 5.8" to 13.8" x 19.7")
  • Bin Pile Height: 55 mm (2.2")
  • Paper Weight Range: 52 gsm to 208 gsm
  • Collating Speed: 8,000 sets/hr (Single or 2 to 3 towers installation and Straight Receiving)
  • Error Detection: Miss, Double and Jam detection system (Photocell)
  • Error Monitor: Eight sets of Feed Error Monitors
  • Power: 3-Phase / 220V / 60Hz / 10.4A

Specifications Horizon Stacker (ST-20R)

  • Model: ST-20R
  • Serial Number: 059202
  • Sheet Size: Max: 320 x 450 mm (12.6" x 17.7"), Min: 128 x 185 (5.1" x 7.3")
  • Max Pile Height: 320 mm (12.6")
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