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Elmo Rietschle KTA 60/1(37) Druvac Vacuum Pump 3PH 208-230460VAC - Inv #3539



Elmo Rietschle KTA 60/1(37) Druvac Vacuum Pump

This Elmo Rietschle KTA 60/1(37) Druvac Vacuum Pump has been powered up and tested. This vacuum pump was removed from a Stahl T66 Folder. It is in good working condition. This item will ship by Freight. Local Pickup is also available. Please see the specifications below and contact us if you have any questions.


The model KTA 60/1 (37) is a dry running rotary vane pump with a vacuum and pressure port. All vacuum air is filtered by a built in micro-fine filter. The carbon dust which is the result of the carbon blades wearing is also separated by built-in filters. A high efficiency cooling fan is located between the pump housing and the motor. The pumping unit is encased in a rugged black sound enclosure. The compressed air is cooled by an after cooler. The pressure/vacuum pump is driven by a direct flanged three phase, standard TEFV motor via a pin and bush coupling. Pressure and vacuum can be adjusted to the required levels, however, they are limited to a maximum point.

Model /1 is for standard vacuum and pressure capacity ratio; model /2 is for maximum compressed air capacity ratio; model /3 is for maximum vacuum capacity ratio and model /5 is for increased pressure. Versions (01) to (30) are with cooling exits from two sides whilst versions (31) to (60) are with a cooling exit on one side only. All models have nominal capacities of 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 140 m3/hr operating at 50 cycles. The pressure and vacuum limits (bar) are indicated on the data plate. The tables showing capacity against pressure and vacuum can be seen in the specifications section below


Pressure/Vacuum Pump: 
     Manufacturer: Elmo Rietschle
     Model: KTA 60 /1 (37)
     Serial Number: 2123271
     Year of Mfgr: 2000
     Country of Origin: Germany
     Flow Rate (CFM): 37.7
     Max Pressure (PSIG): 10.2
     Max Vacuum (in HgV): 18.1
Electric Motor
     Manufacturer: Baldor Electric Co.
     Spec: 36J235W41561
     Serial: F0110113629
     Phase: 3
     Horsepower: 5 HP
     Voltage (Low): 208-230 VAC
          Amps: 15-13.2
     Voltage (High): 460 VAC
          Amps: 6.6
     RPM: 1725

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