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TCI KDRH3LC4 KDR Optimized Drive Reactor 100HP 600V/150A Max - Inv #3553



TCI KDRH3LC4 KDR Optimized Drive Reactor

This TCI KDRH3LC4 KDR Optimized Drive Reactor is in new condition and designed for increasing the value and improving the system performance of power inverters. Please refer to the specifications below and contact us if you have any questions.


KDR Optimized Drive Reactors - Performance and Protection for Drives

KDR At The Input Of The Drive
KDR Optimized Drive Reactors applied to the line side of a PWM drive will greatly improve the overall performance of the drive. The additional circuit inductance will reduce AC voltage waveform line notching, DC bus overvoltage trips, inverter overvoltage, poor total power factor, and cross-talk.

Typical Problems, Superior Solutions With KDR Reactors:

KDR On The Input to DC Drives

• Voltage line notching, also known as commutation notching, originates in SCR phase-controlled rectifiers. As the transfer of current takes place, there is a brief period of time where two SCRs connect during the switching process, causing a short between two of the AC lines. Additional impedance will reduce the depth and rounds the edges of the notches. This will eliminate drive cross-talk, interference, and equipment damage.

KDR On The Input to AC Drives

• Input line distortion is caused by the non-linear characteristics of drives. The addition of a KDR Optimized Drive Reactor will limit the inrush current to the rectifier, rounding the waveform, reducing the peak currents and lowering the harmonic current distortion. High peak currents may cause distortion of the voltage waveform. KDR’s reduction of those peak currents also reduces total harmonic voltage distortion at the point of common coupling.

• Drive input currents rich in harmonics result in a decrease in total input power factor to the drive. The addition of a KDR Optimized Drive Reactor will reduce the RMS current through the reduction in harmonic content, thereby improving the total power factor.

• Input voltage unbalance may prevent the drive from performing due to subsequent overcurrent conditions which cause the drive to cease operating. Tests have proven that the addition of a KDR Drive Reactor to the input of every drive will help balance the drive input line currents.

• Transient voltages, commonly caused by capacitor switching, or the switching of large load blocks, can result in an overvoltage condition of the DC bus. This overvoltage condition will cause the drive to shut down in order to protect its components. These transients can sometimes be very severe and too quick for the drive to shut down. The addition of a KDR Optimized Drive Reactor can prevent drive shutdown and even protect components from possible damage.


  • Nuisance tripping is less common
  • Drive uptime is increased
  • Power factor is improved
  • Limits expensive down-time
  • Increases life of drive
  • Protects sensitive equipment
  • Universal mounting Footprint
  • 3 Phase, 600V Class
  • UL and CUL Recognized
  • CE Marked
  • High Performance
  • Compact Design
  • Distributed Gap Technology
  • Input and Output Specified
  • 40 Degrees C Ambient Temperature
  • Minimum 95%L at 110% Load
  • Minimum 80%L at 150% Load
  • Tolerate 200% rated I for a minimum of 3 minutes


Manufacturer: TCI-COIL Inc.
Model: KDRH3LC4
Rated Voltage: 480
Maximum Voltage: 600
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Horsepower: 100 HP
Phase: 3
Amps: 150
Impedance Value: Low Z
Enclosure Type: Type NEMA 1
Watts Loss: 225
Country of Origin: US
RoHS Indicator: Compliant

Dimensional Drawings:





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