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3M-Matic 700r Random Case Sealer NEW BELTS & AccuGlide 2" Taping Heads - Inventory #3583



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.

3M-Matic 700r Random Case Sealer with AccuGlide 2" Taping Heads

This 3M-Matic 700r Random Case Sealer is designed to apply a “C” clip of 2 inch wide pressure-sensitive film box sealing tape to the top and bottom center seam of regular slotted containers. The 700r automatically adjusts to a wide range of box sizes (see Specifications below). New Drive Belts have been installed (2 upper & 2 lower). The Applying and Buffing Rubber Rollers on both Tape Heads are also new. This machine has been cleaned, thoroughly tested and is in good working condition. Tape is not included. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The 3M-Matic 700r is ideal for a variety of case sizes, sealing up to 15 cases per minute and automatically adjusting to each box's height and width. The pneumatically operated packing station holds empty cases for filling and automatically centers them for sealing. The advanced AccuGlide II taping heads then precisely apply the box sealing tape. Other features include a gearmotor drive for heavy-duty performance; upper mast guards; a frame mounted upper tape roll bracket; friction brake tape roll drums; easy-to-reach alternate outboard tape roll mount for the lower head; easy-to-install laced replacement belts; and an infeed conveyor. Includes 3M AccuGlide (2 inch) Taping Heads for low-impact application of tapes 36 mm to 48 mm wide.

Handles case lengths of 6 inches and up; widths of 6 inch - 21.5 inch; heights 4.75 inch - 24.5 inch. Pneumatic packing station automatically centers and holds empty cases for filling and sealing. Top and bottom belt drive for positive conveying of cases through sealer. Twin gear motors for heavy-duty performance. Repositionable upper-mast collar locks limit the upper head down travel and increase sealing speed in some applications. Centrally located emergency OFF button. Friction brake drums prevent tape overrun and provide more consistent tape application.


  • Consistent top and bottom sealing of random-sized RSCs with automatic adjustment for case heights and widths
  • Dual masts with air cylinders for greater stability of taping head
  • Top and bottom belts for positive traction and gear motor drive for high volume, heavy duty reliability shift-after-shift with cases up to 85 pounds
  • Pneumatic centering station to keep case centered, automatically adjusting for width
  • 3M™ AccuGlide™ Taping Head for low impact sealing that protects cases while providing greater throughput
  • Emergency stop positioned for quick and easy access
  • Rugged construction with 16-gauge welded steel frame and epoxy paint finish


Manufacturer: 3M
Model: 700r
Serial Number: 50071
Country of Manufacture: USA / Italy
Year: 2010
Operating Rate: Up to 15 boxes per minute. (Actual production rate is dependent on box size, box size mix and operator dexterity).
Box Drive Belt Speed: Approx. 0.4 m/s [78 FPM]
Operating Conditions: Use in dry, relatively clean environments at 4° to 50° C [40° to 120° F] with clean dry boxes.
Tape: Scotch® brand pressure-sensitive film box sealing tapes.
Tape Width: 36 mm or 1 1/2 inch minimum to 48 mm [2 inch] maximum
Tape Roll Diameter: Up to 405 mm [16 inch] maximum on a 76.2 mm [3 inch] diameter core. (Accommodates all system roll lengths of Scotch™ brand film tapes.)
Tape Appliction Leg Length - Standard: 70 mm +/- 6 mm [2 3/4 inch +/- 1/4 inch]
Box Board: Style - regular slotted containers - RSC 125 to 275 P.S.I. bursting test, single wall or double wall B or C flute.
Electrical Requirements
     Voltage: 115VAC
     Amps: 3.8A
     Frequency: 60 Hz
     Power: 440 Watts
Pneumatic Requirements:

5 bar gauge pressure (70 PSIG) 110 litre/min @21°C, 1.01 bar [3.75 SCFM] at 15 boxes per minute. A pressure regulator is included.

Tape Heads:
     Upper: Accuglide II STD 2 inch Taping Head - Type 39600
     Lower: Accuglide II STD 2 inch Taping Head - Type 29000
Box Weight and Size Capacities:
Box Weight: Up to 38.6 kg [85 lbs.] maximum - contents must support flaps.
Box Length (Min): 150 mm [6.0 inch]
Box Length (Max): Unlimited
Box Width (Min): 150 mm [6.0 inch]*
Box Width (Max): 550 mm [21.5 inch]
Box Height (Min): 120 mm [4.75 inch]** ***
Box Height (Max) 620 mm [24.5 inch] ***
*    Cartons narrower than 250 mm [10 inch] in width may require more frequent belt replacement because of the limited contact area
**   95 mm [3.75 inch] height with heads adjusted to apply 50 mm [2 inch] tape leg lengths.
***  200 mm [8.0 inch] minimum to 725 mm [28.5 inch] maximum height with columns adjusted to upper

Note: The case sealer can accommodate most boxes within the size range listed above. However, if the box length (in direction of seal) to box height ratio is .5 or less, then several boxes should be test run to assure the proper machine performance.



Any box ratio approaching this limitation should be test run to assure performance.

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