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Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster Pro Impact Die Score Machine with Strike Perf - Inventory #3692



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
Trouble viewing? Click Here to view on YouTube.

Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster Pro

This Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster Pro is used and in good working condtion. The CreaseMaster Pro has a maximum sheet size of 18"x18" and produces up and down creasing in the same pass. This enables you to quickly create Z folded pieces. Rotary perforation in the paper feed direction is also possible with the included Strike Perf option. the strike perf has a 12 TPI perforating wheel pre-installed. Other perforationg assemblies/wheels are available but not included. This is a 120V machine and it requires a compressed air connection. This machine has one up and one down impact cross scoring die. It does not have the impact (cross) perforation option installed. Please view the video and full description and contact us if you have any questions.


The CreaseMaster Pro is an impact die score machine that effectively eliminates substrate cracking experienced with rotary scoring. The CreaseMaster series produces up and down creasing in the same pass which enables you to quickly create Z folded pieces. Menu driven touch screen controls, 3,600 sph, up to 10 creases per sheet and programmable 20 job memory allow for unequalled ease of use. The CreaseMaster Pro is microprocessor controlled, making it easy to set up and program. The unique friction feed system utilizes three feed tires to feed sheets through with a consistent pull along the full lead edge of the sheet. A photocell recognizes the lead edge of the sheet and the microprocessor stops the sheet at the specific location(s) where a crease is required. Pneumatics allow for non-stop, tireless operation. Finished stock is then delivered to an exit tray.

Like all of the CreaseMaster line this machine is pneumatic, offers the option of adding strike perf (1 included) and impact perf (not included). Additional continuous rotary perf wheel assemblies (not included) are available. These rotary perf wheels are positioned between the feed table and main rollers, producing a straight perforation and avoiding tail whip experienced on machines that perform the same function on the exit side. Perforating wheels are offered by the manufacturer in a wide range of teeth configurations and can be quickly changed using retaining ring pliers (not included).

Please Note:

The UP Crease must be programmed at least 3/4 inches (2 cm) from the tail of the stock.
The DOWN Crease must be programmed at least 2.5 inches (6.25 cm) from the tail of the stock.


  • Up/Down Creasing in same pass!
  • Impact creasing significantly reduces cracking of digitally-printed substrates during the finishing process.
  • Touch screen Controls
  • 3,600 sheets per hour
  • Up to 10 creases per sheet
  • 20 Job memory
  • Strike Perf included

Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
Model: CM Pro ***
Serial Number: 2206119
Electrical: 120V / 5A / 50-60Hz
Country of Origin: Canada
Speed*: 3,600 sph
Feeder: Friction (Hand fanned & back fed for continuous operation)
Job Memory 20 Jobs (10 creases per sheet max)
Maximum Stock Size: 18"Wx18"L (45.7cm x 45.7cm)
Minimum Stock Size: 3"Wx5"L (7.6cm x 12.7cm)
Stock Weight**: 12# - 18 point (45 - 385gsm)
Perforation Wheel Options (not included): 2,4,6,8,12 &16 TPI (Teeth Per Inch)
42,50 &72TPI Microperf
Rotary Score Wheel Options (not included): Wide (standard) or narrow
Dimensions (LxWxH): 44"x27"x46"(1.12m x 0.69m x 1.17m)
*Speed is based on 8.5" x 11" (A4), 1 impact crease per sheet, job performance will vary dependent upon job specifications.
**Machine performance will vary based on stock weight, type, and specifications of the job being performed.
***Model requires compressor not supplied with this machine.

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