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2014 Bacciottini Pit-Stop DG-6500 Perforating/Creasing Machine - Inventory #3696



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
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Bacciottini Pit-Stop DG-6500 Perforating/Creasing Machine

This Bacciottini Pit-Stop DG-6500 is an automatic paper scoring and perforating machine with a low pile suction feeder. This machine is used and in good working condition. Includes the upper score blade die with lower digital and standard counterblades. Also includes the optional 3:1 cross-perforating die kit and a copy of the operation & parts manual. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Automatic perforating/creasing machine with a low pile feeder. The PIT STOP DG LINE 6500 is ideal for the companies who offer "print on demand" and who expect high quality products from digitally printed stock with fast and simple operation. The standard 50x70cm format is adapted to digital and also book covers (books on demand). It is also possible on the
PIT-STOP DG-LINE to attach a standard perforating kit which can be programmed directly from the display.

The SCORING MACHINE Model PIT-STOP DG-LINE 6500 is employed in the graphic industries for the scoring or the perforation of the paper. The scoring group, located in the central area of the machine, is composed of a pressing pad, connected with two cams, which are driven by a group “toothed belt”, and one scoring kit, where the pad is pressing the paper sheet, imprinting the fold, at the size, which has been entered in the digital panel.

The digital panel allows to manage and to set all the functioning parameters, that are necessary to carry out a scoring/perforation/digital scoring (matrix) cycle , giving also to the operator, the possibility to memorize the programs according to the article or to the customer.

The feeding table is made up by a bearing surface with two adjustable movable squares. The squares slide in a transversal direction on a guide, that is equipped with an adjustment for the setting in square. Each square can move in an independent way on the guide. In spite of this it is necessary to be sure that the sheets are put on the feeding table in the most centrally located way.

In the machine PIT-STOP DG-6500, the feeding of the paper sheets can be effected both in manual or automatic mode; in the case of manual feeding, the operator inserts the sheets one by one into the inlet of the scoring group and starts the machine, carrying out the operating cycle according to the entered parameters.

The automatic feeding of the sheets is effected thanks to a picking system, composed of a suctioning wheel, which is moved by a motor and by a set of adjustable blowers, which have the function to send an air jet against the paper sheet package, in order to reduce the friction among the paper sheets.

The machine PIT-STOP DG-6500 is equipped in its lower part with a suctioning/blowing pump, which supplies respectively the suctioning flow to the feeding roller and the blowing flow to the blowing squares, thanks to a timed deflector.

On the feeding table , there are the adjustable blowing units, that are installed inside the movable revolving squares, which allow a precise and quick alignment of the sheet, assuring short starting up times.


  • Digital LCD Control Panel
  • Low Pile Suction Feeder
  • Adjustable Blowers
  • Score/Perf Quick Change Tools
  • Programmable Memory (20 Programs)

Manufacturer: Bacciottini Group
Model: PIT-STOP DG-LINE (DG-6500)
Serial Number: DG 1367
Year: 2014
Country of Manufacture: Italy
Feed: Suction
Electrical: 220V / 1PH / 60Hz
Sheet Size (minimuim): 8x10cm (3.15 x 3.94")
Sheet Size (maximum): 50x70cm (19.68 x 27.55")
Sheet Weight: 80 to 400 gsm
Programs: 20 programs with 20 operations for each program
Min distance creasings: 0.1mm
Production: A4 with 1 crease 6,500 sheets per hour
Dimensions LxWxH :
150x76x132cm (59x30x52")*
*With the delivery table fully extended the overall length is approx 75"

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