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Lantech Q-Series Q300 Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable Machine - Inventory #3700



The video above is a demo of the actual item for sale.
Trouble viewing? Click Here to view on YouTube.

Lantech Q300 Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

This Lantech Q300 Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine is used and in good working condition. A load is placed on the turntable by forklift and is then it is automatically stretch wrapped by the machine. The Operator, Maintenance and Parts manual is included. Stretch wrap is not included. This machine is located in Topeka, KS and will ship via freight truck. Please view the video and full description below and contact us if you have any questions.

Typical Sequence of Operation:

With power applied to the machine, the forktruck driver delivers a load and places it on the turntable. After centering the load on the turntable, the driver backs the forktruck away until the forks clear the load and the machine.The driver then gets off the forktruck, pulls out a length of film sufficient to reach the load and tucks the film between the load and the turntable or between the layers of the load. The driver then presses the Start pushbutton on the membrane panel.

As the turntable begins to rotate, the Power Roller-Stretch® is energized and begins to dispense film to the load with a reduced wrapping force. After a preset time delay, the roll carriage raises allowing the film to spiral around the load and at the same time switching to the normal wrap force. The speed at which the roll carriage raises determines the amount the film overlaps the preceding layer and the overall number of layers of film on the middle of the load.

When the roll carriage reaches the top of the load the load height sensor detects the top of the load and signals the roll carriage to stop. The roll carriage may also stop when the upper limit switch is actuated before the load height sensor detects the top of the load. After the roll carriage has stopped at the top of the load, film is applied to the top of the load until the number of “Top Count” revolutions have been completed. The roll carriage then moves downward again spiral wrapping the load. When the roll carriage reaches the lower limit switch, the roll carriage stops. Once the number of wraps selected by the “Bottom Count” has been satisfied, the turntable begins to “decel” and move toward the home position at a slow or “homing speed”.

The cycle is completed when the turntable stops at the “home” or starting position. The forktruck driver then cuts or tears the film at the load and wipes down the remaining tail of film against the load. The Top and Bottom Counters are reset and the machine is now ready to be unloaded in preparation for the next load.


  • Variable speed belt driven film roll carriage
  • 1/5 HP (90VDC) variable speed drive
  • Photocell Load Height Sensing
  • Top & Bottom Solid State Wrap Counts
  • Turntable Jog High & Home Controls
  • Home Control (Turntable and Roll Carriage)
  • Roll Carriage Jog Up/Down Control
  • Wrapping Force Control
  • Banding
  • Film Assist Control
  • Lanyard Pull Rope Switch (optional)

Manufacturer: Lantech
Model: Q300
Serial Number: QX002445
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Production Speed
     Spiral: Approx 35 loads per hour
Load Handling System
     Maximum Load Weight: 4,000 lbs.
     Maximum Load Size: 52"L x 52"W x 80"H
     Turntable Drive: 3/4 HP DC Motor 1-12 RPM, Variable Speed
     Turntable Height: 2 3/4"
     Turntable Size: 65" Diameter
     Turntable Construction: 1/4" steel plate
     Base Construction: Structual & Formed steel
     Upright Fabrication: Structual & Formed steel
     Upright Safety Covers: ABS material
Film Delivery System
     Spiral: Power Roller Stretch® Film Delivery
     Stretch Capacity: 200% (std)
     Film: All commerical stretch films
     Film Capacity: 10" diameter roll
20" web width (std)
Electrical Requirements: 115 volt / 20 amp / 60Hz / single phase (20 amp receptacle required)
Machine Size: 109"L x 67"W x 93"H
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