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2008 BBC industries S7455-4 Dual Force Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven with Scissor Lift - Inventory #CO044



BBC S7455-4 Dual Force Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven

This BBC S7455-4 Dual Force Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven is used but in good working condtion. Manufactured in 2008, it is designed to be mounted in a floor pit, allowing for pallet jack entry. This system includes the Autoquip Series 35 4,000 lb. capacity scissor lift which sits in the pit (78 x 61" x 29" deep) and elevates the load during the shrink cycle. Also includes the under-shrink blower option. This system is currently located in Pennsylvania and will ship via freight truck from that location. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven by BBC Industries, Inc. is the industry's newest generation. Its patented electric infrared flat panel heaters are long lasting and maintenance free. The Series 7000 creates a superior unitized and protected load. Utilizing the efficiency of Black Body® infrared heaters, coupled with BBC's chamber design, palletized loads are securely shrink-wrapped and ready for shipping or storage.

This system is designed to be mounted in a floor pit that retracts flush to the shop floor, allowing pallet jack entry. The load elevates using a scissor lift (included) during the shrink cycle for proper load containment with Under-Shrink Blower.. No matter the construction, whether in a rolled roofing plant, concrete block facility or paper mill, the Dual Force® Series 7000 can efficiently and reliably secure your palletized loads!


  • Includes Under-Shrink Blower
  • Up to 20 shrink cycles per hour
  • Superior Load Stability
  • Eliminates Costly Banding and Secondary Operations
  • Six-sided Containment to Keep Dirt and Moisture Out
  • Up to 50 Pallets per Hour
  • Fully Electronic Operation – NO OPEN FLAME
  • Flexible and Modular Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Installation

Shrink Oven (Mfgr): BBC Industries, Inc.
Shrink Oven (Model): S7455-4
Shrink Oven (Series): 7000
Shrink Oven (Serial No): 9268
Year of Mfgr: 2008
Electrical Requirements: 480V / 3PH / 60Hz / 45A
Operating Speed: Up to 20 shrink cycles per hour
Maximum Load Size: 4' x 5' x 5'H
Floor Pit Required Size: 78" x 61" x 29"Deep
Scissor Lift (Mfgr): Autoquip
Scissor Lift (Model): 24S40EXW
Scissor Lift (Serial No): 608302300-1

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